The Academy of Acupuncture focuses on teaching the Balance Method of the late, revered Dr. Richard Tan with immense humility, honor, and authenticity.

In our international lecture and internship program, we teach the purest interpretation of Dr. Tan’s profound patient healing methodology through a tiered curriculum based on the ways that individuals acquire and retain knowledge. To this end, the Academy of Acupuncture approach integrates multiple scientifically validated modalities, including reading, listening, hands-on practice, and continued reinforcement to optimize patient treatment and outcomes.


The Origin of Huai Dan 懷聃

As followers of Dr. Richard Tan know, he was an amazing man who poured his heart and soul into the creation of the world-renowned Balance Method. Born into a family dedicated to Chinese medicine, he was always interested in acupuncture and began his studies and treatment of patients in Taiwan before moving to the United States in 1977. After an extensive education, he earned his doctoral degree in San Diego at an Oriental Medicine school and opened his practice in 1989 to great success.

However, Dr. Tan was not one to rest on his laurels. With each of the tens of thousands of patients he treated, he extracted something new that helped him improve his needle techniques or fine-tune and elevate his Balance Method system.

Dr. Tan’s Chinese given name was “Teh-Fu” 譚特夫 (“maverick man” in Chinese) but he styled himself as “Dan” 聃 (assuming Lao Tzu’s first name) and “Wu-Bian” 無邊 (“infinite”). In honor of his chosen name, The Academy of Acupuncture was also founded under the Chinese name “Huai Dan” 懷聃. This name conveys the Academy’s mission to serve as the facilitator to carry on the great tradition of Dr. Tan and his systematic Balance Method on his honorable behalf.

The Academy of Acupuncture

At The Academy of Acupuncture we provide training, certification, and online learning opportunities for those in the US, Canada, and nationwide interested in acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ba Zi, and the Balance Method, an acupuncture methodology passionately practiced by Eileen Han.

The Balance Method

The Balance Method is perfect for beginning and advanced practitioners, the key foundation for treating all diseases – internal and external. The Balance Method acupuncture training includes the Core Foundations Track, a four day workshop covering clinical wonders with acupuncture, clinical wonders in practice, global balance for functional disorders, and global balance in practice. The Balance Method Acupuncture Advanced Track is available to practitioners after completing the Core Foundations Track. Other courses are also offered.

Ba Zi

Ba Zi classes are also available for those who are interested in learning about Ba Zi for either personal or professional benefit. We also have Ba Zi ‘The 3 Essentials’ learning tools on our site those who are interested can download. Ba Zi is essentially analysis of the birth chart, and determines when a person is likely to be influenced by career, health, education, spiritual, relationship, or other issues over the course of life. The Three Essentials classes will help you not only learn more about yourself, but improve your practice.

Acupuncture Courses

Acupuncture courses are designed to empower practitioners using the Balance Method and include the Core Foundations Track and Advanced Track programs. Acupuncture training in the Core Foundations Track covers a four-day program where you will discover new concepts and strategies, engage in hands-on demonstrations, have the opportunity to needle other practitioners under the instruction of teachers/assistants, and more. The Advanced Track program covers a wide range of topics/treatments such as Dr. Tan’s Strategy of Twelve Magical Points and Treating Marijuana Syndromes with Balance Method and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Those familiar with Eileen Han acupuncture will enjoy case studies with acupuncture and herbal medicine in her clinic. There is so much more to treatment success than acupuncture points and needling!

The Business Acumen of Successful Acupuncturists is a one-day course designed to help you elevate your business through better interpersonal skills and understanding how your energy, attitude and self-confidence impact your patients and treatment success. This is a one-day course for Level One certification.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture is a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine along with herbal medicine, dietary therapy, and lifestyle changes. Our Traditional Chinese Medicine training is intensive and designed to help enrich your life and those of your patients physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We invite those in the US, Canada, and nationwide who are interested in acupuncture certification in the Balance Method to contact The Academy of Acupuncture now at +1 858 262-1521.