Low Back Pain, Radiating Down the Legs

By Jim Westmoreland, LAc

Patient Presentation

81 year old, Male. Chronic low back pain for over five years. Pain originates at his low back at the site of a prior surgery (fusion of lumbar vertebrae with a truss of metal screws, bolts, and rods for vertebral stability) and radiates down the posterior region of both legs. At his initial consultation with me, he was regularly taking nine medications (multiple pain medications and hypertension medication).

Prior Treatments

No information.

Current Symptoms

Low back pain radiating down the posterior region of both legs.

Acupuncture 1, 2, 3


Sick Meridians: Foot Taiyang Urinary Bladder.


Balance Meridians: Foot Taiyang Urinary Bladder, Foot Shaoyin Kidney.


Points: R: KD3, KD10 L: UB40, UB60 B: Ling Gu, Da Bai, Yao Tong Xue.

Initial Results

75% reduction in pain.

Treatment Course

Twice a week for one month.

Follow-up Results

No information.

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