Neck, Shoulder, Upper/Middle Back Pain

By Louie Lu, LAc

Patient Presentation

Patient Presentation: 66 year old male. Constant pain at neck, shoulder, upper back and middle back, worse on the right side, due to two car accidents in July 2018 and February 2019. He has been diagnosed with C5/6 disk degeneration. He experiences anxiety and fear when driving. Insomnia characterized by difficulty staying asleep (but easy to fall asleep). Pulse: Floating and slippery at the 1st & 2nd positions on left hand. Deep and thin at the 3rd position on both hands.

Prior Treatments

Physical therapy, 6 visits, no improvement.

Current Symptoms

Bilateral neck, shoulder, upper back, middle back pain, and soreness of shoulder blades – worse on the right side. Pain rated at 5 out of 10. Anxiety, fear, insomnia. 

Acupuncture 1, 2, 3


Sick Meridians: Foot Shaoyang (Gallbladder), Foot Tai Yang (Urinary Bladder), Hand Taiyang (Small Intestine).


Balance Meridians: Hand Shaoyang SanJiao (System#1 Opposite Side),  Hand Taiyang Small Intestine  (System#1 Opposite Side), Foot Taiyin Spleen ( System#2 Either Side ).


Treatment Points: Left: Shou Jing Wu*, LI4, SJ5, SJ9.5, SJ9.6, SJ9.7, SJ10  Right: SP3, SP6.

Initial Results

80% reduction in pain. From 5 out of 10 down to 1 out of 10.

Treatment Course

Twice a week for one month.

Follow-up Results

No information.

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In this video, Dr. Eileen Yue Ling Han demonstrates how to needle Shou Jing Wu.

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