Dr. Tan's Point Prescriptions

This course will expand on the core principles taught in “Dr. Tan’s Core Essentials.”  All participants must have attended multiple Core Essentials seminars before advancing to this fast-paced, highly detailed coursework. Specific treatments, case studies, and demonstrations will be provided throughout.


This robust 3-day seminar includes:

  • Deep discussion on the treatment of functional and internal disorders
  • Clinical presentation of Yangming, Shaoyang, and Taiyang patterns
  • Use of the Imaging format to treat internal concerns and full-body pain
  • Advanced treatments specific to male and female disorders, such as Dr. Tan’s Eight Magical Points
  • Actual case study explorations of internal syndromes including digestive, respiratory, gynecological, and emotional disorders
  • Exploration of Meridian Conversion—the relationship of channels to the hexagrams, a specialized application of Dr. Tan’s Global-Balance Ba-Gua methods
  • Development of simple treatments that affect the body at a deep energetic level
  • Explanation of Zang-Fu diagnosis and associated Meridian diagnosis for devising effective herbal and acupuncture treatments
  • Discussion of difficult cases and hands-on demonstration showing practical applications of choosing and combining methods
  • Review of Imaging and Mirroring Formats
  • Explanation of the logical structure of the 5 Balance Method Systems
  • Discussion of several conditions and their treatments
    • Functional diseases
    • Respiratory diseases
    • Shen conditions
    • Hormone disorders
  • Recognizing Yangming and Shaoyang disease patterns
  • Dr. Tan’s 4 Magical Points for “narrow front”
  • Demonstrations and case study explorations
  • Recognizing Taiyang disease patterns
  • Dr. Tan’s 4 Magical Points for kidney disorders
  • Discussion of several conditions and their treatments
    • Low back pain
    • Infertility / OB/GYN-concerns
    • Male disorders (ie, prostate disease, infertility, erectile dysfunction)
    • Heat diagnoses
    • Chronic illness
  • Integrating herbal treatments with acupuncture
  • 8 Magical Points for hormone disorders
  • Demonstrations and case study explorations
  • I Ching Theory and Meridian relationship to Ba Gua
  • The 5 Shu-Transporting Points
  • Needling the 5 Transporting points as they correspond to the Yaos
  • Historic uses of Zang-Fu diagnosis to create herbal treatments
  • Equating Zang-Fu diagnosis to Meridian Diagnosis
  • Devising treatments based on Meridian Conversion Therapy
  • Demonstrations and case study explorations
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