San Francisco, CA – USA | Qi Cultivation Workshop

Qi Cultivation Workshop


This workshop is a unique opportunity explore internal Qi practices like Nei Gong and Gong Fa.


Day 1: April 4
2am-6pm: Qi Cultivation

Day 2: April 5
2am-6pm: Qi Cultivation


Schedule is subject to change. Please contact us before making any travel plan.

Total of 8 hours.

Dr. Paul Wang, LAc is a practitioner of healing, martial, and energy arts with 20+ years of teaching in these fields. Paul’s primary medical influences are Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan (Balance Method Acupuncture, Bazi Birth Chart Analysis) and Dr. Wang Ju Yi (Channel Palpation and Physiology). He embraces and integrates their balancing of logical theory...
2019 Gong Fa Workshop - San Francisco April 4–5
$320.00 USD
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