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Powerhouse Acupuncture Workshop


This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn about several diverse acupuncture treatment-related areas in one session. We will start with an exploration of internal Qi practice like Nei Gong and Gong Fa, and transition to a discussion about effective sales and marketing tactics, and then conclude with a hands-on demonstration of Balance Method acupuncture, combined with Master Tung’s Extraordinary Points. Don’t miss this dynamic and insightful session that will leave you enlightened and inspired.


Day 1: April 4
9am-6pm: The 8 Extra Meridians & Qi Cultivation (w/ Paul Wang)

Day 2: April 5
9am-6pm: The Business Acumen of Successful Acupuncturists (w/ Anna Dolopo) & Needling with Intention – Yi, Qi, Li (w/ Paul Wang)

Day 3: April 6
9am-5pm: Dr. Tan’s Applications of Master Tung’s Acupuncture (w/ Brad Whisnant)

Day 4: April 7
9am-5pm: Dr. Tan’s Applications of Master Tung’s Acupuncture (w/ Brad Whisnant)


Schedule is subject to change. Please contact us before making any travel plan.

It’s possible to purchase tickets for all 4 days, for days 1 and 2 or for days 3 and 4, separately.

Total of 30 CEUs. All classes are approved for CEUs in Category One by the California and Illinois State Boards. Please note that NCCAOM accepts California CEUs as valid units. Please check with your individual state board for specific licensing requirements.

This is a one-day, Level One certification course that discusses critical interpersonal skills essential for acupuncturists to elevate their business. It takes more than needling expertise to deliver optimal treatments. To provide quality, effective care that is consistently sought out, acupuncturists must understand, embrace, and internalize the dynamics that affect their personal approach to treating patients. In this class, we will discuss how both your personal and professional self-confidence play a part in helping patients achieve their wellness goals. We will deconstruct unnecessary assumptions about patients and share tips and techniques for handling confrontations and maintaining boundaries with office staff and patients alike. Perhaps most importantly, we will delve into the importance and methods of self-presentation and projecting the right attitude and energy to elevate your business and treatment success.
As acupuncturists our primary tool is the filiform needle. We may be familiar with it as a medical device composed of sterile metal material. However, to elevate clinical efficacy and accelerate professional mastery, what the practitioner directs through the needle is vital. In other words, it is the practitioner who empowers the needle to affect the patient. To amplify this positive influence, there are particular details and subtle nuances that must be employed. Over many years of trial and error, mature acupuncturists or those who were fortunate to apprentice under a master, may gradually realize these essentials. Discouraged by mediocre results, the majority may quit long before reaching this level. Rather than remain implicit this capacity can be deliberately trained as specific skills. These start by needling with intention. In this seminar, participants will learn the elements necessary to needle with more confidence and efficiency. They will practice directly implementing self-care cultivation (Gong Fa) into their clinical practice with the goal of providing clients with better care and greater success.
Dr. Paul Wang, LAc is a practitioner of healing, martial, and energy arts with 20+ years of teaching in these fields. Paul’s primary medical influences are Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan (Balance Method Acupuncture, Bazi Birth Chart Analysis) and Dr. Wang Ju Yi (Channel Palpation and Physiology). He embraces and integrates their balancing of logical theory...
Dr. Anna Dolopo, LAc is the owner of Elements in Harmony Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs, a private practice based in Laguna Hills, California specializing in Dr. Tan’s Balance Method since 2006. She began her journey into Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Diego, California in 1999, volunteering in the care of the local homeless and HIV/AIDS...
Dr. Brad Whisnant, DAOM is the owner and founder of Pinpoint Clinics, PC based in St. Helens, Oregon. Since the founding of his clinic in 2007, Brad has successfully treated 100+ patients per week as a solo practitioner. He has published prolifically, focusing on the lifetime work of Dr. Tan, Master Tung, and distal acupuncture....
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Days 3 & 4
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Day 1
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