Core Foundation Track and Gong Fa – San Jose, CA – USA – 2019

This 4 day class is a prerequisite to any advanced class.

Day 1: May 30
8:30am–9:30am: Gong Fa w/ Paul Wang
9:30am–5:30pm: Clinical Wonders with Acupuncture 1,2,3

Day 2: May 31
8:30am–9:30am: Gong Fa w/ Paul Wang
9:30am–5:30pm: Clinical Wonders in Practice

Day 3: Jun 01
8:30am–9:30am: Gong Fa w/ Paul Wang
9:30am–5:30pm: Global Balance for Functional Disorders

Day 4: Jun 02
8:30am–9:30am: Gong Fa w/ Paul Wang
9:30am–5:30pm: Global Balance in Practice


8 CEUs per day (total 32 CEUs). All classes are approved for CEUs in Category One by the California and Illinois State Boards. Please note that NCCAOM accepts California CEUs as valid units. Please check with your individual state board for specific licensing requirements.

  • Discover a logical Three-Step Strategy to immediately and effectively treat all localized symptoms such as pain, numbness, stiffness, tingling or burning sensations, etc.
  • Understand the classical origin of Master’s famous 6 Systems which tie up 2,000 years of Chinese Medicine into a simple balancing pattern. You will be amazed how scattered concepts suddenly make sense!
  • Learn the Golden Rules to make acupuncture work consistently.
  • Learn the “Matrix Analysis Technique” to balance complications using a minimal number of meridians in your treatment.
  • Countless real-life case studies and demonstrations ensure you will have analyzed the most common pain patterns seen in clinical practice.
  • Some lucky participants will be invited to palpate Ashi points and insert needles under the teacher’s supervision.
  • Apply the Taiji Dynamic Structure to treat functional diseases and whole-body pain.
  • Practice different Four-Meridian Treatment Strategies for whole body issues such as allergic, digestive, cardiac, respiratory or uro-gynecological diseases.
  • Convert Western medical diagnoses into correct acupuncture diagnoses for accurate treatments
  • Discover late Master Dr Richard Teh-Fu Tan’s famous and most effective point combinations.
  • Review and combine all the theory and demonstrations from the past three days.
  • Utilize a simple and effective wisdom when approaching patients who simultaneously exhibit local and internal disorders.
  • End the four-day series feeling no questions were left unanswered!
An exclusive, lifelong disciple of her Shifu (master) Dr. Richard Tan, Eileen Han is passionately dedicated to continuing the practice, inspiration, and influence of the Balance Method
Dr. Paul Wang, LAc is a practitioner of healing, martial, and energy arts with 20+ years of teaching in these fields. Paul’s primary medical influences are Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan (Balance Method Acupuncture, Bazi Birth Chart Analysis) and Dr. Wang Ju Yi (Channel Palpation and Physiology). He embraces and integrates their balancing of logical theory...
All 4 Days
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