Advanced, one-on-one training with Dr. Eileen Han

Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan believed that the best way to learn the Balance Method was to observe it in clinical practice and then implement it in the clinic. This approach to a hands-on internship greatly benefited Dr. Eileen Han, who shadowed Dr. Tan in this clinic for many years. Now instructing practitioners around the world in Dr. Tan’s Balance Method, Dr. Han offers this same level of “clinical observation” for a select number of pupils.

The Academy is now accepting applications for acupuncture internships with Dr. Han in her busy San Diego practice, where she treats multiple patients every hour. Through a series of 3-hour shifts, interns shadow Dr. Han to observe her diagnostic methods, needling techniques, treatment style, and business strategies for running a bustling clinic.

A minimum 3-hour shift per weekend is recommended (total of 18-40 hours for the Certification requirement) , however participants may elect to attend an unlimited number of shift hours. Note that all shift hours may be applied to the internship hours required for the Premier and Executive Practitioner Levels for Balance Method certification. For more information about scheduling observation hours and requirements ONLY, please click here.