The Three Essentials – Ba Zi – Level 1 – May 13–16, 2021


The Three Essentials – Ba Zi – Level 1 – May 13–16, 2021

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The Three Essentials – Ba Zi – Level 1 – May 13–16, 2021

Instructor: Christian Saint-Pierre, RAc.


Decoding the connection between birth-determined personal timing and wellness

In Chinese culture, there are Three Essentials, or factors, critical to attaining and maintaining physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual well being: Ba Zi, Timing, and Environment Design Medicine.

Our The Three Essentials Seminar:

  • Explains how to read and interpret a Ba Zi chart
  • Delves into the importance of personal versus timing
  • Explores Ba Zi timing in determining optimal treatments
  • Touches on advanced Chinese philosophy on the Three Essentials and the role of these factors in manifesting a more robust and fulfilling life.

Ba Zi can significantly improve your practice

  • Provides insight into patient strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities which may impact past, present, and future conditions
  • Helps identify patient personality, thinking patterns, and disposition to facilitate communication
  • Aids in diagnosis and may help you address emotional blockages inhibiting treatment outcomes
  • Offers a deeper look into the root of more complex issues, including Shen disorders, chronic illness, and recurring conditions

Ba Zi will help you learn more about yourself

  • Your own Ba Zi chart will reveal inborn intricacies that have shaped your emotional, mental, and physical self
  • Details uncovered in your Ba Zi assessment will help you identify people, developments, opportunities, and dynamics that can enrich your life and your practice

No Prerequisite. This class is open to anyone seeking to learn about Ba Zi for personal or professional benefit!


Level 1

This seminar focuses on the stepwise process for developing a Ba Zi chart. Participants will become proficient in creating a person’s constitutional chart based on their date, time,  and place of birth. We encourage you to come to class with the birth data of some of your patients, particularly those with challenging conditions. Note, however, that pathologies and treatments will not be discussed in this class.
Participants will need to memorize all Chinese characters required to conduct Ba Zi readings. The meaning and classical origin of each character will be explained and participants will learn how to properly write and pronounce each symbol.
Additionally, the Three Essentials will be defined and explained within the context of the 10 stems and 12 branches of a patient’s birth chart.