Balancing the Eight Extra Meridians – Live Seminar – 2022


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Attendance Type: Live-streaming

Date: November 4th, 2022 / 7:30AM – 11:30AM (PST)

Instructor: Diane Iuliano, DAOM, Lac



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Balancing the Eight Extra Meridians

This course expands on the I-Ching theory which forms the foundation for all systems of the Balance Method. The points of the Eight Extraordinary meridians are discussed in relation to Dr. Tan’s systems of the Balance Method. Instructor will explain how to incorporates the Eight extra meridians to increase the effectiveness of the treatments. instructor will discuss how to create effective treatments using the yin/yang balancing dynamic along with the traditional confluent points of the Eight Extras. Combining these meridians with Balance Method theory allows participants access to more powerful and expanded clinical treatments.

Instructor will discuss case studies which are best suited to treatment using the Eight Extra meridians, as well as possible contraindications for use of these meridians. As always, the instructor will demonstrate the effectiveness of the treatments through practical demonstrations.

• Expand your knowledge of the Eight Extras in relation to Balance Method theory

• Learn how to incorporate the Eight Extras to enhance the effectiveness of your treatments

• Use Confluent points along with the yin/yang balancing dynamic for extraordinary results

• Discover which cases are best-suited for treatment with the Eight Extras, and which cases are contraindicated

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