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The Power of the Points
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This is an incredible opportunity to learn something new or deepen your expertise on methodology highlighted in Dr. Eileen Yue-Ling Han’s book, The Power of the Points. Following the book structure, this online class series is designed to teach and reinforce accurate utilization of points from Dr. Tan’s Balance Method. The five classes in this course will progressively and collectively elevate practitioners’ needling technique through immersive one-hour sessions focusing on selected points from the book. Dr. Han will provide the etiology of the chosen points, share supportive case studies, and demonstrate detailed instruction on the location and needling techniques required for each point.


Power Hour, Part 1 

The Ling Ku Combination: Ling Ku/Da Bai/Zhong Bai (AKA Yao Tong Five) + San Cha


Power Hour, Part 2 

Neck Pain No More: Shou Jing Five, Da Bai, San Jian, SI3


Power Hour, Part 3 

Female Problems and More: Mu Guan, Gu Guan, Zhong Guan, LU2


Power Hour, Part 4 

We Got Your Back: Chong Zi and Chong Xian, UB57, LI12 and 13


Power Hour, Part 5 

Blood Pressure & the Brain: Shang Liu, San Sheng, LI14

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