Wrist Pain

By Kim Nguyen, LAc
Kim Nguyen, The Academy of Acupuncture certified Premier Level practitioner Richmond VA

Patient Presentation

Right wrist pain on the ulnar side with pain that radiated to the fingertips for 7 months. Pain level reported at 4/10. Plays tennis at least twice a week, is active and exercises 6 days a week.

Prior Treatments

No information.

Current Symptoms

Wrist pain, right side, ulnar aspect. Pain radiates to fingertips.

Acupuncture 1, 2, 3


Sick Meridians: Hand Shaoyin, Hand Taiyang.


Balance Meridians: Foot Shaoyin, Foot Jueyin, Foot Taiyin.


Points: Left: KD6, KD3, KD2, LV3, LV4-4.5 (x4), SP6.

Initial Results

The patient reported less pain the day after the treatment and avoided aggravating it.

Treatment Course

Twice a week for two weeks and then once a week after the pain is reduced.

A1: Sick Meridians: Hand Shaoyin, Hand Taiyang.

A2: Balancing Meridians: Foot Shaoyin, Foot Jueyin, Foot Taiyin.

A3: Selected Points: Left: KD6 KD3 KD2, LV3, LV4-4.5 (4 needles), SP6.

Follow-up Results

By the fifth treatment she reported that her wrist was not painful. She is currently on a maintenance level treatment plan at once a month. She has used acupuncture to treat other pains throughout the year and wants to prevent further injury.

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